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Get tracks from exciting new independent artists, all for one low monthly fee.
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Add your tracks, increase your popularity and get paid fairly for your work.
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What's RavePool?

RavePool is an electronic music DJ pool that focuses on making things fairer for independent artists.

That means if you're someone who writes music, and you want to get your music heard and get paid fairly for your work, you've come to the right place. You can add your music to our library, and for three months anyone who subscribes can download your music, and you won't receive mere fractions of a penny for it - you'll receive a proportion of their subscription fee based on what they downloaded. In other words, if they downloaded 10 songs that month and one of them was yours, you get a tenth of their subscription fee (minus the costs we need to run RavePool). If they only downloaded your track - you get all of it.
That could be as much as £16 per subscriber to RavePool for your track.

If you're an electronic music fan, a DJ, or just someone who likes what we do, you can subscribe and download all the brand new underground music from exciting independent artists across the dance music spectrum. Everything you download is yours to keep forever and use in your sets, your car, or just your headphones. And you can be safe in the knowledge your money is going directly to the artists you love. Whether techno, house, drum and bass or gabber is your thing, we've got you covered, and once RavePool gets to know you, it will start to suggest things you might like.
You can even listen to clips without needing to subscribe.

RavePool has been made by people with over 20 years experience in the tech and dance music industries.
We love what we do, and we have run businesses, been DJs, music producers, label owners, and helped run events that support the dance music scene. We are passionate about making RavePool a fantastic service and want to help everyone get the most out of it.