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Just go to then click on Login or Register.

When asked to log in click on “Sign Up” and enter your email address and a suitable password. At the next page, click “Accept” to set up your account. 

When you receive a confirmation email, click on “Confirm Account” to verify your email. 

Then, go back to RavePool and you'll be able to log in.

You’ll need to add yourself as an artist before uploading tracks.

Click the “Artists” at the top of the page after signing in.

Enter the artist’s name, some information about them, and their social media links (web site, Facebook, X, Sound Cloud, Spotify and Hear This). For each of your social media pages, enter the full URL that will link to the appropriate place. 

Click on the Profile Picture to select and upload your own artwork for the artist (separate cover images may be uploaded for track later).

The first time you add an artist you will be required to acknowledge that you agree the RavePool artists terms and conditions. Click the link to download the agreement and if all is OK, tick the box to agree. You can’t add artists to RavePool unless you agree the artist terms. 

Save the details and you’re ready to start uploading tracks!

After you've signed in, click the Artists button at the top.
If you have previously added artists you can click on “New Track” from here, or you can select the artist first and then click on the “Add A New Track” button on the artists details page.
If you came via the main Artist Page you will need to select the artist from the list of profile pictures at the top of the page. You can also add a new artist from here.

Fill in the track details (title, genre, label name and any additional information about the track). 
You can specify a release date if you want to delay availability of the track, and the RavePool First option gives you a flair for your artwork if you're putting your track on RavePool before any other sites, indicating to your fans they can get it here first.

Finally, click on “Get Track” to select a WAV file of your track from your computer. 

Once the track has been selected, it will be analysed and the key, BPM and various moods will be determined. You can override any of these and a warning will be given that you have done. It’s important that you adjust the moods if you feel they are wrong so the RavePool can learn more about tracks uploaded.

Click on the Cover Image to add your own track artwork if you wish, and use the slider to select a portion of the track you want to turn into a preview clip for people to check out.

You must be the copyright owner of the track and you must click the option to confirm that you are. 
Finally, click on the big button at the bottom of the page to add your track to RavePool. It will also be added automatically to RavePool’s Sound Cloud account to help promote it - why not share it too! 

Tracks remain available on RavePool for three months from release date.

Once your track is uploaded (and after its release date) subscribers can download it. A subscriber pays a monthly fee (£20+VAT) of which £16 is divided equally between all of the distinct downloads they take during the month. Only one download per user per track counts, so downloading the same track again during the month will not add to your share. 

RavePool regularly updates your current balance by counting each subscriber’s downloads and sharing their subscription across all of the tracks they downloaded. 

Once the shares have been added to your balance you can withdraw your earnings from RavePool. 

For security reasons RavePool won’t send you earnings automatically. It accumulates the fees due to you and you can come to the Artists page at any time and click on “Withdraw Funds”. You can then choose how much to withdraw. Please note that there is a minimum level of withdrawal below which you will be charged a small surcharge for transaction fees. 

Withdrawals are paid to your designated PayPal account. You can change this account at any time from the Artists page. 

Your balance may be used to pay for promotions of your tracks. When you purchase a promotion, if you have sufficient funds, you will be offered the opportunity to use these finds instead of paying directly. 

When you upload a track it is automatically posted to RavePool’s Soundcloud account, to help promote it to our community. 

You may also purchase promotions to either boost your track to a higher position on the Tracks Feed page, or to add it to the banner at the top of the Tracks Feed page. 

Go to the Artists page and click on Promotions (this is only available if you have agreed the artist terms). 

This page shows all your current tracks, with information such as how many clip plays and downloads it has had. It also shows the number of days it has left on RavePool before it expires (tracks on RavePool expire after three months to make sure they are up-to-date). 

The page also shows an estimate of earnings for each track. This is only an estimate as it will change as subscriber download more tracks and shares their subscription fee further. 

Against each track is a button to promote the track. You can Boost (push higher up the Tracks Feed list) or Highlight (which places it in the carousel at the top of the Tracks Feed page. You can see on each track’s line any promotions currently running and how long it has to run.

If you have enough funds to pay for your promotion you can deduct the cost form your balance. Otherwise a PayPal dialogue will open to let you pay. 

Please note that Boosting a track is no guarantee that it will be at the top of the list, just that it will be placed higher than tracks not being promoted. Also, subscribers may use the filter option which will further influence the ranking of the tracks on view. 

From the Artists page, click on Reports to see a range of reports that let you keep tracks of earnings. 

Transactions shows the last 3 months earnings, payments for promotions and withdrawals made from your account. 

Top Tracks shows your tracks with the numbers of downloads and the income (including projected estimates). 

Top Subscribers lists the subscribers who have downloaded your tracks the most and the income (including projected estimates) from each. 

Recent Donations shows the amounts donated directly to you. If PayPal has charged for a transaction this will be shown in the list. 

Sorry to hear that. Why not drop us a line so we can help further?