We know you love music...

Whether you're a DJ who wants to get their hands on the latest tunes produced by exciting independent artists in a huge variety of genres, or just someone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of dance music, this is for you.

RavePool has been created by people who know the scene inside and out and we feel we can do things better, in a way that makes artists feel appreciated and rewarded.

By subscribing to our service you are directly supporting them. Thank you, and enjoy the music!

Hopefully all your questions are answered here, but if not, we'd love to hear from you so we can make RavePool even better.

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Just go to then click on Login or Register.

When asked to log in click on “Sign Up” and enter your email address and a suitable password. At the next page, click “Accept” to set up your account. 

When you receive a confirmation email, click on “Confirm Account” to verify your email. 

Then, go back to RavePool and you'll be able to log in. You’ll see a list of tracks recently uploaded. Tracks are only on RavePool for three months so these tracks will be up to date.

Yes, from the opening page you can click on any of the recently uploaded tracks to hear a 30 second clip. 

There are links in the list and on the track panel to the right that will tell you more about the track and the artist.

The only thing you can’t do without a subscription is to download a track. The first time you click on the option to download you’ll be guided through the subscription process. 

When you subscribe, of the £20 (plus tax) that you pay per month, we need £4 to keep the service running, but we try to keep our costs to a minimum.

The remaining £16 is shared equally between the tracks you download, so it’s best to download just those tracks you want to keep, as this gets more cash to the artists.

Every month, we calculate the share per track and that amount goes to the artists for each download. By the way, only one download per month counts towards the artists; if you download it again during the same month it will not add to their cash. 

If you really like an artist you can show your appreciation by sending them a donation. Click on their profile picture anywhere in the site and then click on the button to donate any amount you like. Other than a small PayPal processing fee, it all goes to your favourite artist.

On your “My Account” page you can see how much you are contributing directly to your artists. Thank-you from us on behalf of them!

We ask for fairness when downloading. The whole pint of RavePool is to get a better share of the payments to the artists, so if you download excessively their share is diluted too far. 

You will receive a warning if we think your downloads are getting high and reserve the right to pause your downloads if you share falls below a reasonable level (this is called "Acceptable Use" and is in our terms of use). If that happens, come back next month, or get in touch and let us know your reasons for downloading so much. 

Yes! You’ll see a little heart icon next to artists and label names. Click to follow (it will show as a solid heart if you are following). 

You can see who you are following on your “My Account” page. 

On the front page (“Recent Tracks”) click on the bar across the page that says “Filter”. Fill in the form to select a genre, a key, a Beats Per Minute (BPM) and any moods you are looking for.

Note that searching for a musical key will include complimentary keys as well as your choice. Entering a BPM will sort the results with those of a similar BPM nearest the top. 

If you move the slider for any of the moods, the results will be sorted with those that most closely match your choice at the top of the list. 

Click Apply to show the results. 

Over time, as you start to download and as you use the track filter on the “Recent Tracks” page, RavePool will learn about your preferences.

When it has enough information a “Suggestions” button will appear on the front page. This will show a list of tracks that might interest you. 

It won’t show you tracks you’ve already downloaded so sometimes there will be nothing to see. If so, come back later. 

Sorry to see you leave. But yes, go to your “My Account” page and click on “Unsubscribe”. This will give you a link to PayPal where you can stop your subscription. 

To cancel your membership to RavePool completely, click on “Close Account”. If you confirm your choice, this will completely clear your account including all data (so if you also have artist profiles, they'll be gone too).

Sorry to hear that. Why not drop us a line so we can help further?